March 26, 2008

Update on the fun

I have not blogged recently due to my efforts in getting the Blog at work up and going. I presented an Intro to Blogging to all of the folks at work, tweaked and published some work blog posts and then have been busy publishing work-related posts and encouraging and editing other's to post. So alas, my personal blog has fallen by the wayside. But I'm back now and time to move on. Snow White was completed and delivered on time for the conference, but unfortunately, several inches of snow and ice arrived that evening and the conference was canceled. I got word this weekend that it has been rescheduled so I'm watching for Snow's appearance.

Some dear friends invited me to partake in a different craft endeavor recently. Ceramics! And it has been a real treat! A real journey back to childhood for me, although they didn't realize it in the beginning. My mother had a ceramics shop for years during my pre-teen life. Now I'm an adult and can have all of the fun that I thought my mother was denying me. We had a late painting session last night and got to talking about "Smiley's". And no, I don't meant the Smiley Central emoticons that are all the rage in email and messsaging today. Smileys did exist long before computers. They were cute little ceramic people that came in a variety of vocations. So doing a Google search, I found the perfect Smiley for the "adult me"! The hair color is all wrong, what's up with that outfit and the floppy disk has problems, but how cute! In ceramics, you can personalize it.


TonyaKST said...

I, too, had a blast last night. I know that B has a Smiley around here somewhere. I think it's a cowboy...I know I've seen something like it. I'll have to doublecheck with him.

I am enjoying "paint night". I'm so excited to see my birdhouse finally finished. I think it turned out much better than I thought it would. Hope Mom likes it too.

Deanna said...

I vaguely remember that shop! We weren't allowed to touch anything, but I was in awe of all the stuff there. I still have a few pieces tucked away in my hopechest and a Holly Hobby type doll on a shelf!