April 10, 2008

Profile Thumbnail

So I tried to create a thumbnail for my profile. I was trying to use the "fruit of my hands" theme....but somehow, I don't think I'm succeeding with this rainbow hand. I really don't want to use a pic. It has to be something much more creative! I'm still thinking and I will keep working. After spending ample amounts of my time getting 2 other blogs going, I plan to get back to my own. The Snow White appearance has been re-scheduled for this weekend so I hope to get a pic of that costume up. Bible Study is over and the arms have healed from the marathon of knitting. I sat down and made up a couple of dishcloths and had someone begging for them. She wanted two, took her three for her to choose and she took all of them. Then I turned around to see another pouty face that was wanting the reject one, so now I have more to make. Unfortunately, the purchaser came back and told me her husband insisted her next ones by UK blue instead of UT orange. Honestly, its a sports thing. I didn't consider what team colors were in the dish rags I was making........silly me!

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