May 13, 2008

New banners up for VBS

Finally got the banners changed this week. Easter has past and now is time to be thinking about upcoming events. I had this brilliant idea after lugging around the Lifeway Backpack of VBS material this year.

The theme is Outrigger Island and the basic images are outrigger canoes, hawaiian shirts, and this hawaiian hibiscus design. I instantly think of tropical things when I see it but that is just me. The DH said he just didn't get what it was. I had to explain that the white parts were the flower and even had to show it to him on the backpack.

I have had several "beautiful" comments from church members. I got a thumb's up from the pastor, but he didn't get it either. Ho-hummmmmm........must be thinking of something to hang for the summer.


TonyaKST said...

Very pretty!

Deanna said...

I love them! They are beautiful.