April 17, 2009

An Opera Experience

I've had what a friend would call a "virgin experience". I was privileged enough to attend a fabulous production of the opera, La Bohème, in Nashville at TPAC. It was my first opera. I've watched a few on tv over the years but have never been able to experience a live performance. And let me just say, it was wonderful!

There was snow falling and real fog on stage. And let me just say whoever invented the English subtitle display deserves a Nobel prize!

Note to self: the proper opera attire is black, not khaki!

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Tonya said...

As for the attire...thank goodness it was the last dress rehearsal. We were still a little underdressed compared to some of the ppl there.

It was a blast though! The opera was great! The trip to and from N'ville was great! And I think we have a new friend that fits right in with the rest of us!

Fun times!