June 3, 2010


I know vacation means a big trip to lots of people but the husband and I like to define vacations in our own way, never wanting to conform to society's ideas. For the first time in quite a while, he and I were able to take a complete week off together. No work meetings, no system upgrades, no last minute restaurant emergencies. I highly recommend a week of being "off the grid" as foursquare puts it. The husband is a street rodder (currently without functioning street rod) and this year he chose to take his vacation during the week that fell between two big street rod shows, one in Nashville and the other in Springfield MO. These plans allowed me to spend the weekdays in the sewing room. So a good time was had by all.

First, let me point out that this is the street rod I picked out that I wanted. You will see why in a later post. This one jumped out and said I'm yours.

I'll be posting a few of the completed projects over the next few days so hang in there. Come back and see them.

P.S. I haven't heard back from the bride but the mother of the bride loved Mildred.

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