January 24, 2008

Another T-shirt quilt underway

The shirts have been stabilized and cut. I got the final word on the shirt layout from the Princess so I am ready to proceed with stripping and piecing the top. I can't wait to see how the tiger stripe fabric looks with the black and gold shirts! Then on to the borders, backing and quilting.

Times a-wasting because I have more projects lined up behind that. I slipped in a coffee corset for T. It was my own design, of course, based on the ones I saw on Etsy with her name embroidered on it with her own sister's embroidery machine. She says she loved it but I don't see how it will be practical to use, but then I don't drink coffee.

Next project is a pair of banners for church. Banners are near and dear to my heart and I have fabric and a vision for a new pair for Easter that coordinate with our Easter musical. Being married to the Music Director, I kind of know what the musical is going to be ahead of time. And then there are purses to design, a wedding memory quilt UFO that I MUST finish soon, and ......and......and..............

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